PIOUXSIE is a The Hague-based duo using analogue synthesizers, distorted samples and poignant vocals. Their dystopian universe derives from gritty electronic industrial to heavy and dramatic body moving electro. Through their cinematic view they deliver heart-wrenching delicate melodies. Something to dance, make love or cry to.


Since 2014 PIOUXSIE self-released improvised tracks and played at several festivals and clubs for a few years. After a short interval, focussing on their solo-projects, they came back together in 2024. 

From improvising-only, moving on to structurized staggeringly harsh deep electronic beats, with room enough for their improvisations.

The EP ‘In Dog We Trust’ was written and recorded in 1 single day in March 2024.


19 April – dogs

26 April – Heart(less)

3 May – In Dog We Trust (EP)

Date TBA (around end of May) – everything is fine (released on the VA 2 compilation on Yarrow Ballet, cassette & digital)

2024 Shows:

29 March in Pip, The Hague

16 May in Worm, Rotterdam (Yarrow Ballet label night)

30 August Paardcafé Den Haag (Paard van Stal Festival)

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Past shows PIOUXSIE & solo projects:

Jessie HoefnagelAlina Valentina

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